Small independent Medway based business established in the UK 1990

Owned and run by Mr and Mrs Nichols. The working life and times of the engineer, Mr Nichols.

In 1979 at the age of 16, I left home and joined the Army, entering as an Apprentice Private in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

I trained at the Junior Leader Apprentice College, Deepcut and the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Bordon. On finishing Basic Training and Trade Training, I had passed several courses in electrical and mechanical engineering.

In 1981 I was posted to Europe. Over the next 9 years I carried out many roles as a Craftsman and NCO in electrical and mechanical engineering, sometimes as part of a team, or as a team leader but also working alone in remote areas. In this time I also attended more courses, gaining City & Guilds and other Certificates in several electrical and mechanical fields, including Domestic Electrical Appliance Repairs.

While in Europe I started to repair domestic electrical appliances for members of the Armed Forces. In 1990 after completing 9 years Colour Service, I left the Army and returned to the UK.

Two weeks later I started trading in the UK as Squadmatic, working for myself and sub-contacting to a small independent repair company.

About Squadmatic

We have always done our best to keep you, our clients happy. To do this we work long hours, so you do not have to miss work or other engagements.

As an independent repair company, we believe that we hold and carry one of the largest range of spares of any mobile repair company. If we use a spare more than 4 times in a year we will add it to our normal spares store, thus allowing us to repair 95% of appliances, that are economical to repair, on our first visit, of which most repairs cost between £40-£85 (i.e. £40 Labour plus parts, if parts are needed).

For a same day/next day appliance repair
service, call Squadmatic today
01634 373 515
07702 255 105

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