DIY advice and spares

For health and safety reasons, we do not recommend DIY repairs, but we do realise that you may want to save money, when times are hard.

So before taking any panels or lids off an appliance, please DISCONNECT THE APPLIANCE FROM THE MAINS SUPPLY.

If you are thinking about a DIY repair, please feel free to call us and if we can help, we will.

If you need a spare, whilst we are not a shop, if we are in your area, we can deliver or if you are local to us, you can pick up from our office. To avoid disappointment please do not call at the office without phoning first, as a lot of the time we are out on call.

When you are fitting any DIY Spares, before purchasing the spares please ensure you can carry out the repair needed. If you plan to change a leaking Door Seal, with the machine disconnected from the electrical supply, look to see how it’s fitted and ensure you have the tools for the job. It is a good idea to remove and refit the faulty part, if you cannot do this, you are unlikely to be able to fit the new part and you may damage it in trying.

Common washing machine faults

1. Drum turns and machine empties but does not spin; 
 this may be caused by an unbalanced load. To test, remove the load and do a rinse and spin, if this works, carry this test out again, but with a large load of towels. If it fails to spin on any of these, call Squadmatic
2. The Machine fails to empty;
 if possible drain out the water and check the hoses and filter for blockages, if you cannot locate a blockage, call Squadmatic
3. The door of the machine will not open;
check that the handle is not loose or feels floppy, if it is do not force the door open, call Squadmatic . If the door handle feels normal, unplug the machine and wait 2-3 minutes. If the door opens check that the machine is empty, if is full of water read 2 above. If door still will not open, call Squadmatic

For any advice, please feel free to call us on 07702 255 105 or (01634) 373 515

Has your washing machine broken
down? If so call Squadmatic for
same day/next day repairs
01634 373 515
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